[Example Sentences]:
1. The pact allows thousands of US troops to remain in Afghanistan once combat operations end in 2014.
2. The plant was only shut down on June 19, with normal operations restored on June 20.
3. Airborne Division, he helped lead operations in eastern Afghanistan for 15 months beginning in 2007.
4. PayPal operations generated $5.6 billion in 2012, but are expected to narrow the gap by 2015.
5. In the third quarter, net income from continuing operations grew 20% to €337m, while sales grew 13%.
6. He does not know how many more operations he will have to endure.
7. Some businesses think if they go to the cloud they no longer need all their operations staff.
8. The company says it plans to continue its normal business operations during its restructuring.
9. I saw that my friends were running operations and managing with a lot of spreadsheets.
10. Security operations will only work with strong political support from all elements in Iraq he said.
11. High school officials said the school was back to normal operations later Friday morning.
12. This will make me even more determined to carry on operations against them.
13. This is really taking the virtualization operations model and bringing it to networking.
14. You can start something today and get real operations and data, and learn how it works.
15. Some aid agencies probably would cut back operations because of security concerns.
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