[Definition]: to manage, run a business or machine

[Example Sentences]:
1. The new rules would provide an easier way for those businesses to operate legally.
2. There was some concern that it would be easy to operate without being detected.
3. It might not operate in quite the same way as before the crisis.
4. You want to be able to operate a business without the fear of a terrorist attack.
5. Facebook was one of the first major websites to operate on the Tor network.
6. I think these will completely change the way we operate on a professional level.
7. His customers operate under European rules and so must he.
8. The question remains as to how the scheme was allowed to operate for so long.
9. Her goal is to get her to a doctor who can operate on her heart.
10. It will operate in Japan and there are no plans for overseas expansion at the moment.
11. I realized that I could operate at scale and have the greatest impact.
12. The system is not built to operate at negative rates throughout the world.
13. It needs to be simpler to operate than a plane.
14. The Internet should not operate at the speed of government.
15. That command center has to operate as sort of a central command of all the data.

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