[Example Sentences]:
1. The show opens Thursday, January 22.
2. Ghost in the Shell opens in US cinemas on March 31.
3. It opens up the market to a lot more potential customers.
4. It opens up ways of using these devices that previously were just not possible.
5. It also opens up more positions for those out of work.
6. He said the state of the remains opens the door that they could belong to someone else.
7. That opens up new possibilities even as it drives costs down.
8. That opens up lots of questions, but here are the three most important ones.
9. The report opens with what is described as Islamic State drone images of the city.
10. It then opens up your device, and the attack starts.
11. Click it and a new window opens listing all the passwords available for automatic changing.
12. Apple CEO Tim Cook opens the show with a keynote address.
13. If it gets approved, that opens it up to wider use in hospitals.
14. The chest opens up to place the baby inside and also insert a tray.
15. This opens up a whole new way of thinking. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home