[Example Sentences]:
1. He was openly critical of the Iran nuclear deal that was signed after he left the military.
2. The rally Sunday is expected to include several figures who have openly promoted violence.
3. To talk so openly about mental health in the Bay Area is a rarity.
4. Some of his Republican allies started to more openly complain.
5. We discuss politics, I can openly confront him and now my family wants us to be more powerful.
6. When they openly carry their guns, they always try to travel in numbers or have a camera rolling.
7. A broad range of party leaders are openly rejecting the man who will be their nominee.
8. An illegal market in children has developed in China, in which babies are being openly sold online.
9. Data should be openly shared and there should be oversight, it added.
10. Or if it does, discuss it openly so that all senior executives understand the implications.
11. The Vatican has refused to say whether Francis will discuss gay rights openly while here.
12. We have never kept this relationship a secret and in fact have openly publicized it.
13. So using technology like this allows them to speak openly while safeguarding their privacy.
14. This nation is openly against Islam and Muslims, he wrote.
15. Many European officials are also openly fed up with Tsipras, whom they accuse of gamesmanship.


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