[Example Sentences]:
1. But the process of typing on a small onscreen keyboard seems outdated and kluge.
2. One thing most keyboards for the iPad have that onscreen keyboards lack are four arrow keys.
3. It supplies the appropriate onscreen keyboards with the dedicated special keys used on either a Mac or Windows keyboard.
4. Kids can use the onscreen camera button to snap a memorial photo.
5. You have to turn the keyboard off in this mode to get the iPad onscreen keyboard to come up when needed.
6. An onscreen counter shows how many pictures are piling up as you hold the shutter button down.
7. You will then have an onscreen program guide to easily tune stations and schedule recordings using the remote control.
8. All the onscreen controls are intuitive, and the app produces great results.
9. What if an onscreen element requires a double-click?
10. Viewers can also send comments that pop up onscreen, giving them the perception they are interacting with the host.
11. This makes organizing the onscreen icons much simpler.
12. The problem is that when the user touches the screen to activate a control requiring text input, the onscreen keyboard pops up.
13. You also can set the width of the focal area with pinch gestures using an onscreen overlay as a guide.
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