[Example Sentences]:
1. Square is once again raising its revenue guidance for fiscal 2017.
2. The pact allows thousands of US troops to remain in Afghanistan once combat operations end in 2014.
3. Like the iPhone, we see a Nexus once a year and still have several more months with the Nexus 5.
4. I also had a savings account that my parents opened for me, and a debit card once I turned 13.
5. Much of the land once belonged to an Israeli settlement, which was evacuated in 2005.
6. City records show Slager had been accused once of unnecessary use of force, in September 2013.
7. Teddy actually made a comeback once before, but vanished around 2010.
8. Further, once you selected a trailer, you had a choice of viewing resolutions topping out at 1080p.
9. Today, however, you will be mailed a paper statement once every five years from ages 25 to 60.
10. Branson once envisioned operating flights by 2007.
11. It is illegal for a company to call you once your name is on this.
12. What was once a given at many restaurants has now become a treat.
13. Windows is no longer the driver of sales that it once was.
14. We can find out the when, the why and the how once we get there.
15. I put my dog in the back of my car once and it threw up.

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