[Example Sentences]:
1. The report did not say how many crew members were onboard at the time of the crash.
2. Chromebooks are not known for their onboard storage and the Chromebook Plus is no different.
3. This allows the onboard maps to be more easily and more frequently updated.
4. One early point of contention in the court case is the onboard interrogation.
5. The robots must also have a battery or other onboard power source, he added.
6. Even though pricing is lower in the short term, as we onboard more advertisers.
7. The onboard software could be configured to automatically update itself, he said.
8. Corporate users want as much onboard storage as possible.
9. Most of those onboard are Russian and British tourists.
10. It just creates its own electricity onboard by combining hydrogen and oxygen.
11. The Solar Impulse planes are the first to be able to fly day and night without any onboard fuel.
12. A UPS can only keep a device powered as long as there is energy stored in the onboard battery.
13. An onboard LCD screen displays your distance traveled and speed.
14. We can burn lots of watts on the onboard computer, because of the short flight time.
15. All onboard systems were working flawlessly, and the crew was feeling fine.
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