[Example Sentences]:
1. An outside opinion often seems to have more weight than that of internal staff.10.
2. This often went on until the early hours, in her upstairs flat in No 10.
3. The regular price is $99, but it is often on sale for $79.
4. Lebanon has maintained an often uneasy peace since its own 15-year civil war ended in 1990.
5. The best people often want to work on the biggest bets.
6. The old model is often going to be the better buy.
7. We are all more related to each other than we often think.
8. Another is that strong sales growth can often drive share prices higher.
9. That often has a big impact on how they make their decision.
10. It was often hard to find who had the keys.
11. The next three months were often difficult for both girls.
12. A They often think they need to do everything themselves.
13. The result has been an agency often at war with itself.
14. These have often been picked up by the Apple news media.
15. This is still how applications are often delivered at many companies.

[Antonyms]seldom, sometimes

[Synonyms]frequently, repeatedly, commonly
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