[Example Sentences]:
1. However, the gains were partially offset by software sales that dipped 17% compared to 2012.
2. Cost cutting offset a sales drop of 10%.
3. A streaming service has become important for Apple to offset declining music sales.
4. But, the good news is that technology is letting us now do other things that offset those concerns.
5. An expected decline in print revenues needs to be offset by increases in digital revenues.
6. Analysts think traffic issues and competition will offset product and digital innovations.
7. Mobile data growth is being offset by declines in mobile voice and messaging.
8. The company needs to continue growth overseas to help offset its increasing debt, analysts said.
9. Those factors could offset some of the drag from lower inventory growth.
10. It offset fears about the falling oil price and worries about global growth.
11. The retailer said it would ramp up cost savings to offset slowing sales.
12. This could offset any negative Facebook effect on work, he says.
13. The increase in travel and fuel costs were offset to some extent by a fall in the cost of food.
14. A decrease in demand for foreign oil offset a record level of imported autos.
15. The bank has used share buybacks to offset the impact of shares being paid out as dividends. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home