[Example Sentences]:
1. The company officially stopped offering that plan in 2011.
2. The OpenStack Foundation was officially formed as an independent entity away from Rackspace in 2012.
3. The app came out in beta in 2006 and was officially launched in 2009.
4. The show officially started on December 4 and will last through December 17.
5. Spring officially starts on March 20.
6. The OSS was officially founded on June 13,1942.
7. Spring officially starts March 20.
8. The Internet as we know it is now officially too big for its britches.
9. It should come as no surprise that the report was not officially released.
10. The Japanese company officially launched the camera at an event in New York on Wednesday night.
11. The company has never officially released the number of Prime subscribers.
12. Glass is expected to be officially released later this year.
13. The senators will officially launch the group at an event in Parliament House on Tuesday night.
14. Members receive significant service updates as early as a week after they are officially announced.
15. Britain has said it might not officially start the talks to withdraw for months now. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home