[Definition]: a room for employee to work, usually equipped with desk and chairs

[Example Sentences]:
1. She left office when her second term ended in 2005.
2. The Silicon Valley office is due to open on July 11.
3. President Barack Obama banned such practices after taking office in 2009.
4. The government will formally take office on April 5.
5. She left office after her second term in 2012.
6. She was formally removed from office over allegations of corruption and abuse of power on March 10.
7. Bush signed it shortly before he left office in January 2009.
8. The parliament voted to remove him from office and set a new presidential election for May 25.
9. It opened its first office in Silicon Valley in 1981.
10. Anyone with information is asked to call the Louisville FBI office at 502-263-6000.
11. It opened its Asian office in Hong Kong in 2016.
12. Only one prime minister has left office in a democratic transition, in 2013.
13. Walker unveiled the bill shortly after taking office in 2011.
14. Brazilian growth has been weak since Rousseff took office in 2011.
15. She worked in his office until 1988.

[Antonyms]leisure, vacancy, sinecure

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