[Example Sentences]:
1. All of the store closures are anticipated to occur by the end of 2016.
2. If the case ends up in the Supreme Court, a resolution would likely not occur before 2015.
3. That will occur in January 2019.
4. The last transit of Mercury took place in 2006, and the next one will occur in 2019.
5. Analysts figured that the upgrade cycle would occur in 2012, then switched their forecasts to 2013.
6. In 2035, Easter will occur on March 25.
7. He noted that these areas are where attacks are more likely to occur going forward.
8. Now users can see the results of changes as they occur, in real time.
9. Most often, they want context on how often these problems occur and who is to blame.
10. Most of the growth will occur because benefits are adjusted for inflation.
11. You do need to be aware of some structural changes that occur in the transition.
12. If that were to occur some interesting questions would be raised.
13. We saw some great reporting occur on stage thanks to all of these great young journalists.
14. The same goes for the sound effects that occur with every tap on a video or icon.
15. A new trial will occur within a month but the trio must stay in custody.

[Antonyms]threaten, pass, impend

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