[Example Sentences]:
1. Google had previously said it planned to occupy the campus by 2015.
2. It urged the public to not occupy roads so that emergency vehicles can get through.
3. Yahoo hopes Flickr will occupy a key space among a more unified set of services.
4. The very same Agent Smith who can occupy your body, or a version of it.
5. According to Foster, the Apple building will occupy the site much more tightly than what was there.
6. Even after all the wind turbines are put in place, they would occupy a small footprint of the ranch.
7. He says Twitter and Square occupy most of his time, and I like to go deep on things, he says.
8. The machines typically occupy many cabinets and consume huge amounts of electrical power.
9. Home Depot, Sports Authority and Office Depot occupy the ground floor.

[Antonyms]abandon, release, desert

[Synonyms]possess, hold, employ
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