[Example Sentences]:
1. People from foreign countries occasionally need information from the United States government.
2. It also helps users keep better track of data sources that are only used occasionally, he added.
3. Some get paid to drink with older men and only occasionally have sex with them.
4. It occasionally issues an emergency patch if a vulnerability is being widely used in attacks.
5. Obama only occasionally spoke about racial issues in his first term.
6. Running Windows on a system that I only use occasionally is a painful experience because of updates.
7. The term is also occasionally used for a European sea monster more often called a sea monk.
8. With the supply chain as complex as it is, mistakes will occasionally happen.
9. If a driver picked up the user anyway, Uber occasionally called and told the driver to end the ride.
10. Companies occasionally argue to limit what the government takes.
11. Laptop users who occasionally need more screen real estate can benefit from an additional display.
12. Only occasionally would the public comments change things.
13. Iranian media occasionally report on similar shootings.
14. Only occasionally do reviews state that a doctor treated them incorrectly, they say.
15. It will occasionally start bouncing around and come flying out.


[Synonyms]sometimes, casually, rarely
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