[Example Sentences]:
1. He had obviously been looking at it before he went to bed.
2. We quite obviously adopted what was working for them because we thought it would work for everyone.
3. When governments get in this space there are obviously concerns sometimes in the public service.
4. The Watch model is obviously more money, but it too is affordable for many people.
5. A number of us at the White House were obviously interested in this, he said.
6. This is obviously focused on the connected home or home automation.
7. There will be obviously some retail partnerships that we look at.
8. Amazon obviously is best positioned to cash in on this trend.
9. One is obviously access to the site and transportation.
10. The prices will be the same in the UK and Australia, obviously adjusted for local currency.
11. He answers every question asked, but he is obviously not happy about being there.
12. If we start blocking emails that they want, they will obviously stop using us.
13. It is obviously not yet an efficient material to manufacture.
14. We are obviously seeing terrorist networks who are under pressure.
15. If that was her goal, Merkel did not obviously embrace it Friday night.
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