[Example Sentences]:
1. He went on to obtain his MBA from Duke University in 1988.
2. The Star said it did not obtain the video or pay to watch it.
3. She says early humans may have also killed these animals to obtain the skin.
4. We will try to obtain the written order on Sunday when banks reopen.
5. It took him six months to obtain a permit and another four months to organize the search.
6. The old law required workers to obtain permission before they could unionize.
7. Since iOS is less transparent, we have not been able to obtain this data yet.
8. She was unable to obtain a new replacement code, even though she had her receipt.
9. Is it possible to extract and obtain fingerprint data from an iPhone?
10. That server had security vulnerabilities which allowed the group to obtain the stolen data.
11. Every day uses up supplies that you generally obtain through towns and cities.
12. Although it could impact investigations, there are other ways to obtain information.
13. The rules will require manufacturers to report their ingredients to the FDA and obtain its approval.
14. The suit seeks a trial by jury to obtain compensation for the copyright violation.
15. There are also concerns about militants trying to obtain radioactive materials.


[Synonyms]attain, gain, procure
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