[Example Sentences]:
1. This is the biggest obstacle that would need to be overcome.
2. The department official said one obstacle is that the Web sites were hosted in other countries.
3. The biggest obstacle to returning to the moon is we the people and our government.
4. One obstacle for men seeking a woman could be the tech workplace itself.
5. The home button is obviously the biggest obstacle to any serious design change.
6. Most of the world views the settlements as illegal and a major obstacle to peace.
7. These are a main obstacle to the implementation of the peace solution.
8. Where previously it was seen as an obstacle by other lines of business in achieving their own goals.
9. Each obstacle has a different motion, so it can get complicated very fast.
10. For Spotify, the deal removes a major obstacle to going public.
11. Another obstacle has been the chaotic nature of the debris field itself.
12. Right now the biggest obstacle it faces is basically inertia.
13. Both Kabul and Washington considered Mansour to be an obstacle to the peace process.
14. Their biggest obstacle is securing bank loans to expand production, they said.
15. This is a significant obstacle to reform.

[Antonyms]course, proceeding, career

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