[Example Sentences]:
1. It would have to do this for every country and observe their media laws.
2. You have to be a good man and observe the law.
3. We did observe some of the passengers coming out of the water.
4. At least one opposition leader said his group would not observe the truce.
5. We needed a target to observe, and this cluster was up at the right time.
6. Instead, we commit to rapidly improving Twitter based on everything we observe and learn.
7. Far better than a password which is easy to observe someone typing in and duplicate.
8. This proposes that when we observe a system, we force it to make a choice.
9. If they observe new particles, it will completely determine the future of particle physics.
10. We must therefore observe the Uber revolution with some trepidation.
11. In this episode we observe a moment of silence for the end of the Google Glass Explorer program.
12. Because telescope time is competitive, opportunities to observe the gas giant planets are rare.
13. That event allowed scientists to observe the black hole.
14. Fighters not wanting to observe the truce were given safe passage to the north.
15. Some stood quietly to observe, some took pictures.

[Antonyms]overlook, misconceive, misunderstand

[Synonyms]remark, note, watch
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