[Example Sentences]:
1. These companies have an obligation to create wealth in the area where they operate.
2. The next president is under no legal or moral obligation to live up to it.
3. Cook argued that his company and others have an obligation to protect customer data.
4. The obligation came because they are part of industry standards that Motorola helped develop.
5. The industry has an obligation to help deal with the theft problem, the prosecutors said.
6. I have an obligation to all of the people of Minnesota, he said.
7. The industry has a moral and social obligation to fix this problem.
8. It outlines their legal obligation to retain communications data on their customers.
9. Who has the obligation to protect us?
10. Seeking the truth is the obligation of this committee.

[Antonyms]choice, freedom, assurance

[Synonyms]responsibility, engagement, contract
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