[Definition]: from the north

[Example Sentences]:
1. Smoke rises after an explosion in the northern Gaza Strip July 29,2014.
2. The northern part of Georgia was also under a wind advisory.
3. The militants have lost significant territory in northern and western Iraq in the last year.
4. The bomb blast follows several similar attacks in northern Nigeria in recent months.
5. It is the newest species to be found in the country and native to the northern desert region.
6. The battle for northern Iraq remains in its early stages.
7. It will now be held in San Mateo, in the northern part of the region.
8. Now back home in northern Iraq, they describe their quest for a better life as a disaster.
9. Some reports say he is in Mosul, but others say he has fled the northern Iraqi city.
10. Its location on the northern edge of the capital also makes it a strategic point for drug cartels.
11. There was once a plan to mate the last remaining northern whites.
12. The strategy normally used is to cross the northern border into China and flee into a third country.
13. The Kurds also find themselves fighting the Sunni militants across the northern front.
14. The decision to evacuate staff from northern Yemen was difficult, he said.
15. The unrest spread to sections of northern Israel over the weekend. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home