[Example Sentences]:
1. The motion to strip him of immunity is to be considered on April 6.
2. The motion was easily defeated, 214 to 126.
3. A few days later the government then filed a motion to take the over the property.
4. The app works for iPad and iPhone and tracks motion and sounds.
5. The motion should also specify the number of customers affected by the sale.
6. Oculus has said making motion controllers is a hard thing to do.
7. The court said the motion for stay should be heard by the panel as soon as possible.
8. It all depends on the shutter speeds and motion of the insects.
9. The motion does not specifically identify what comments are out of bounds.
10. A defense motion had tried to keep prosecutors from using the words at trial.
11. In a motion made public Friday, the attorneys asked to push the trial back two or three months.
12. It can be used for improved accuracy in motion tracking.
13. That motion also works well for scrolling through a bunch of app icons.
14. The tool uses the iPhone camera, processors and motion sensors to make objects look real.
15. It was almost like slow motion, she told the newspaper.

[Antonyms]quiescence, quiet, rest

[Synonyms]movement, change, action © 2020  Terms of Use | Home