[Example Sentences]:
1. The probe should get to the moon sometime in 2025.
2. The moon has been a busy place for space probes in 2014.
3. On Christmas Day, there will be a full moon, the first since 1977.
4. Orion is tentatively scheduled to fly on SLS for an unmanned test flight around the moon in 2019.
5. For that matter, you will be able to reach someone at the moon colonies.
6. Amazon is a company that will promise you the moon, but does not deliver.
7. It ranks second only to the moon among bright objects in the night sky.
8. Do we want to go to the moon or not?
9. Central America and the top of South America also saw the moon cover part of the sun.
10. The scientists also compared the spectrum of the moon when it was completely out of the shadow.
11. This approach has a chance of sending humans to the moon in this decade.
12. The biggest obstacle to returning to the moon is we the people and our government.
13. Some are as simple as a second moon suddenly appearing in the sky.
14. The image on the right is a NASA photograph of the first Apollo moon landing.
15. The images we remember of the moon were taken decades ago.

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