[Definition]: contemporary, currently popular

[Example Sentences]:
1. Many excellent films, both modern and classic, are available for under $10.
2. We know that is just a fact of modern life.
3. The current Apple TV hardware lacks modern features such as voice search and a full app store.
4. Most modern IT organizations use multiple sets of tools and technologies to provide security.
5. Mr Smith sees full transparency as the best way to build trust with modern viewers.
6. He added that a lack of modern military equipment also poses problems.
7. The modern world of digital media is incredibly fast moving and complex.
8. What follows is a quick and easy way to give your phone a modern, yet traditional look.
9. His political movement grew to become the most successful in modern Thai history.
10. This is a modern approach that really engaged a whole community.
11. This is a critical tool for modern law enforcement to use.
12. Digital certificates are a key component of the modern Internet security.
13. Gmail in Chrome reported it wanted a more modern version.
14. Both had customer service operations that felt more modern than traditional carriers.
15. Its modern design is unique without calling too much attention to itself.

[Antonyms]ancient, old

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