[Definition]: a task

[Example Sentences]:
1. The first delivery mission is scheduled to take place sometime at the end of 2017.
2. A subsequent mission with crew is expected to fly in the second quarter of 2018.
3. Its first attempt at an unmanned mission to the red planet could take place as early as 2018.
4. The New Horizons team will submit a formal proposal to NASA for that mission in early 2016.
5. An unmanned mission will be launched in 2018.
6. The suit was eventually settled, and SpaceX completed its first mission for the Air Force in 2015.
7. The next ISS resupply mission is due to take place in August 2016.
8. The US and Nato combat mission in Afghanistan ended in December 2014.
9. Juno will complete many more orbits during its mission, which is planned to last through early 2018.
10. The mission is set to launch in October 2020 and will meet up with the binary system in May 2022.
11. Launched in 2009, the spacecraft completed its primary mission in 2012.
12. The $700 million New Horizons mission launched in January 2006.
13. Our mission has always been to leave the world better than we found it.
14. There is no comparison with any other mission that you have witnessed.
15. Only then can we can start delivering on our mission to make space more accessible.

[Antonyms]assumption, usurpation, faithlessness

[Synonyms]message, errand, commission
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