[Example Sentences]:
1. Officials for the metro system in Kiev said card payments could not be accepted.
2. As recently as December, the positions of the two metro areas was reversed.
3. Amazon declined to say if it will expand to Manhattan or other parts of the New York metro area.
4. A typical metro Ethernet may have to work with different edge vendors.
5. The cause of the crash one of the worst incidents ever on the metro is reported to be a power surge.
6. Small and metro cells can help carriers address the capacity demand, the officials said.
7. The area includes the Oklahoma City metro area.
8. In my neck of metro Detroit, Sprint service is mediocre at best.
9. Chicago and its suburbs have about 10 million people, the third largest metro area in the nation.
10. Qatar is planning to build a metro network, roads, hotels and stadiums. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home