[Example Sentences]:
1. The company did not mention what was found in the audits.
2. We are hoping to make a mention today itself before the court.
3. That may be why its Chinese maker dropped any mention of the phone from its website.
4. Another time there was no mention at all of a boom.
5. Microsoft does not mention the possibility that email account names will be recycled.
6. BlackBerry said I could write about my meeting but could not mention any specifics.
7. Microsoft should absolutely mention this policy in their service agreement.
8. He also did not mention any role for the military.
9. They also did not specifically mention talks with Karzai or his representatives.
10. Sony also removed any mention of the movie from its website by Wednesday afternoon.
11. Not to mention we just faced the worst winter in a long time.
12. There is no mention of the many innocent people killed.
13. It gave no reason and did not mention the recording.
14. The directive does not mention Google or any other online service by name.
15. Not to mention, Google may not be able to squeeze enough battery power into the small device.

[Antonyms]omission, silence, suppression

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