[Example Sentences]:
1. For those that get them, the FBI memo in question is A-000061, issued June 5,2015.
2. The company memo only specified key members of our team are joining the company.
3. The memo said that previously Snowden had been denied access to the network.
4. Jackson said the memo was not a green light for banks to work with marijuana businesses.
5. The memo put the company in a bind.
6. Nadella sent the memo before a regular monthly Q A session with employees this week.
7. Their status is now being reviewed by their employers, the memo says.
8. The memo also freezes any regulations that were in the pipeline to be published.
9. The memo recommends several steps for mitigating security risks to the site.
10. Chicago police radio calls and dispatcher recordings may also be publicly released, the memo said.
11. On Monday, a federal court released the Justice Department memo justifying their killings.
12. The memo is unclassified but labeled for official use only.
13. I emphatically stand behind all of you, the memo says. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home