[Example Sentences]:
1. What does it mean to own a piece of music in 2013?
2. That should mean overall better application performance for the Galaxy S 5.
3. What does the Supreme Court ruling mean to my 401k?
4. That could mean that the first hike could even fade into 2016.
5. It also will mean more job cuts for the company, which employs about 72,000.
6. So, I mean, they must have thought I was really weird because no one asks to borrow $50.
7. Tech workers in San Jose are paid even higher, with a mean salary of $108,600.
8. The mean rating of 40 analysts polled by FactSet is hold, with an average price target of $18.11.
9. Of the 36 ratings on FactSet, the average rating is overweight with a mean price target of $70.13.
10. Tech workers here in May 2012, were paid a mean annual wage of $100,700.
11. A comparable departure from the 50 states would mean 18 million people moving out since 2013.
12. What that can really mean is they are expected to work all the time.
13. I mean we do not have the ability to see the future.
14. She is surrounded by those who mean the most to her and during this time.
15. That could mean more advertising revenue for a company in search of new income.


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