verb transitive

[Definition]: keep something as it is; to continue; to support

[Example Sentences]:
1. Sony would do well to maintain its position in the top 10.
2. I think that technology should be used to create relationships but not to maintain them.
3. Facebook no doubt wants mobile users to have lots of Facebook apps to maintain mindshare.
4. The companies that provide the basic network infrastructure have to pay to build and maintain it.
5. He will try to maintain relations with all the significant players in the country.
6. Google and some early users maintain that privacy fears are overblown.
7. He called cameras the best tool we have to maintain the public trust.
8. The important thing is to maintain control of your credit card numbers as much as you can.
9. In fact, it is the only thing that has ever worked to maintain public safety.
10. What I said a few days ago, I still maintain it.
11. These companies will have to continue to innovate to maintain strong earnings and sales growth.
12. In other words, we will do what is needed to maintain price stability.
13. Now, Microsoft needs to figure out how to maintain this kind of focus.
14. He has not addressed whether he will maintain ownership of his real estate and development holdings.
15. A car has to maintain its brand DNA even when it is fully autonomous.

[Antonyms]retract, deny, withdraw

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