[Definition]: a place, site

[Example Sentences]:
1. The app also includes location support so users can quickly share where they are with friends.
2. One location was also shut down Tuesday because it was operating without a license.
3. The location of the grave was where it was expected to be.
4. Search for a city or other European location you plan to visit on your trip.
5. Apple gives customers control over collection and use of location data on all our devices.
6. Apps can even pull in some information from car data like location and speed.
7. We will send a link to her location after she has been dropped off.
8. The communications back and forth do not give a specific location for the plane.
9. In the new version the app stores only the last location where a customer has used their device.
10. The targeting works through the location services feature on a phone.
11. The app allows customers to enter a location for the job.
12. It is also a secure location where companies can test cars in private.
13. The user can then track the location of the package and share that location with the recipient.
14. The app allows users to look for people by location or the last time they logged on.
15. If a user shares location data with Facebook, that is also taken into account.

[Synonyms]disposition, locality
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