[Example Sentences]:
1. Samsung also says it wants to listen and learn how it can better help developers.
2. This important report shows just how crucial it is to listen to victims.
3. I think we need to listen to all the feedback on this.
4. You call it on the house phone and listen for the ring.
5. We listen to our customers and provide them the ability to opt out of our advertising programs.
6. You ve got to be able to listen hard, even if it hurts.
7. He said he could no longer listen to any of the songs that were on the prison playlist.
8. My job is to listen to the folks who are supporting the customers and to help them.
9. The government is willing to listen to problems and proposals.
10. You can listen to iTunes audio or watch video between calls.
11. I just wanted to sit and listen and listen and listen.
12. He was told to listen, to take part in the conversation over gender inequality.
13. It knows what topics we like to talk about and who we like to listen to or follow.
14. He said he hoped President Obama would sit down and listen to the aging survivors.
15. If folks want to listen to their own songs, they can do it.


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