[Definition]: the process of making laws

[Example Sentences]:
1. The existing rules were set out in legislation passed in 2000.
2. Supporters of an Internet sales tax are expected to push hard for legislation again in 2015.
3. They were also central to legislation proposed by a bipartisan group of senators in 2013.
4. The legislation would go into effect July 1.
5. The House had overwhelmingly approved the legislation Tuesday, 419-3.
6. He said only 170 similar pieces of legislation have become law since 1983.
7. The legislation includes 1% pay raises for the troops and sets Pentagon policy through fiscal 2015.
8. The House approved the legislation, 102-19, a day after the Senate passed it, 37-2.
9. It would be the first such legislation in the world.
10. He could call for a vote on the legislation without allowing further changes.
11. The legislation also would push judges to come up with new rules for document discovery.
12. If you asked me before the legislation passed I would have been pulling my hair out.
13. Both of these pieces of legislation came about well before the internet emerged.
14. All this legislation does is set the ceiling for the appropriations.
15. This legislation will put thousands of people to work.

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