[Example Sentences]:
1. The most recent part to fail is known as reaction wheel 4.
2. Some of these settlements were already known and date back to 2004.
3. I have known about that spider since 2012.
4. He did not resemble the last known photos of him, which date to his arrest in Guatemala in 1993.
5. The resilience program is based on a field known as positive psychology, which emerged in the 1990s.
6. Relatively little is known of the species, although collected specimens date back to around 1990.
7. One of four weighing chair tickets known to exist, it sold for $11,000.
8. Previously known as Isis, the initiative was formed by wireless carriers in 2010.
9. These are more than 100 Indonesian cave drawings that have been known since 1950.
10. The appeals process, known as redress, was started in 2007.
11. It's known that there are a few functions in chips that slow down emulation the most, by about 80%.
12. The knockout game has been known by a variety of names since it came to public notice about 1992.
13. The study team counted 28 known and probable deaths in 2014 and 29 in 2013.
14. For the AWS RDS service, a single medium instance of MySQL, known as a db.m3.
15. That way the tech workers will become better known in their community. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home