[Example Sentences]:
1. What if Microsoft found a way to bundle free Windows updates into Office 365
2. The company said its financial position remains strong going into the financial year ending 2015.
3. The rules are expected to go into effect June 12.
4. The new privacy policy is scheduled to go into effect on July 15.
5. An ambitious plan to map the human brain came into focus in 2013.
6. The new commission structure is expected to go into effect in 2015.
7. The city was one of the first areas that plunged into armed conflict in 2011.
8. It today said the new tailored approach will come into effect on June 1.
9. That followed a split into two share classes in April 2014.
10. The changes will go into place on May 23.
11. Here a man reading a book has been turned into a 9-in.
12. The Google privacy policy changes went into effect March 1,2012.
13. Lenovo has also moved into smartphones, buying the Motorola phone business from Google in 2014.
14. The reactor is expected to go into operation no earlier than 2020.
15. The FCC has been busy looking into speed issues by carriers and Internet providers throughout 2014.

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