[Definition]: put together, usually in organized style

[Example Sentences]:
1. This integration also allows enterprise customers to run mobile apps from their own private clouds.
2. The project required a significant amount of integration work as well as training for educators.
3. Each integration is unique and done with little or no development effort from the vendor.
4. Siri integration with Apple Music is huge because it offers something no other service can.
5. We look at integration as a large concept where you integrate data, security and services.
6. We started the company to build integration in the cloud, but it was way ahead of its time.
7. It will be the integration of the varied data streams which yields the biggest data payoff.
8. They are paying a lot more attention to the integration of the digital lifestyle with cars.
9. Gold estimates that the corporate and technology integration process will take a year or more.
10. The integration will be available in the fourth quarter.
11. They might need her input during the integration process.
12. Details such as design software integration and sales strategy need to be worked out.
13. For the women, the integration means more pressure and scrutiny.
14. The real hurdle is integration and processing data at scale for machine learning. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home