[Definition]: to innovate, creation

[Example Sentences]:
1. We need to and want to see more innovation in search.
2. We continue to invest in product innovation in support of our mission.
3. The larger question is what the next iPhone can do on the innovation front.
4. We need to do more to improve the output side of our innovation activities.
5. You just need the innovation on top of that technology.
6. So we must be open to innovation from all corners.
7. The patent system is an important part of our innovation economy.
8. The key innovation with Bluetooth Smart is that it uses very little energy.
9. We have to let people play on the innovation tier and see what they come up with.
10. Google is winning this war because it has a better innovation process.
11. The pace of innovation at Google is simply faster than it is at Apple these days.
12. I want to help bring tech jobs to middle America and help us create more innovation clusters.
13. Of course, there are people within the company who view technology and innovation as imperative.
14. Perhaps the biggest innovation with Apple Pay is something happening behind the scenes.
15. Only recently has there been any real innovation coming online.

[Antonyms]archaism, conservation, maintenance

[Synonyms]change, alteration, novelty © 2020  Terms of Use | Home