[Definition]: knowledge you gathered about people or things

[Example Sentences]:
1. There was no immediate information on the cause of death, which occurred late May 30.
2. A smart citizen is someone who has the information from many sources to see how they fit in.5.
3. We were aware that crash logging was collecting the information when we launched in May 2013.
4. Those seeking information on passengers can contact Malaysian airlines at +60-3-7884-1234.
5. Those seeking information on passengers may contact Malaysia Airlines at +60-3-7884-1234.
6. Anyone with information is asked to call the Louisville FBI office at 502-263-6000.
7. The NSA was allowed to collect this information without a warrant thanks to a US law passed in 2008.
8. PT to include more information about new features in iOS 7.
9. Hearst has been operating in the health care information industry since 1980.
10. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call police at 415 553-0123.
11. Personal information was stolen 30 times a minute in 2016.
12. Finding information on goods and services came second, at 71%, followed by social networking at 66%.
13. Anyone with information is urged to contact the incident room on 0208 358 0100 or 101.

[Antonyms]concealment, mystification, ignorance

[Synonyms]advice, notice, sation © 2020  Terms of Use | Home