[Example Sentences]:
1. Much of the decline in inflation has come from lower energy prices since 2014.
2. The Bank of Japan has set an inflation target of 2%.
3. The Fed will raise if we see strong employment growth, wage growth and inflation at 2%.
4. German bonds fell as data showed inflation accelerated to the fastest rate since 2013.
5. Real GDP after inflation was a mere 1.1%.
6. She noted the prolonged bout of high inflation of the 1970s.
7. Under the deal, the country will aim to slow inflation to below 10 percent by 2016.
8. Including bonuses, earnings rose by 0.7%, well below inflation, which is currently running at 1.2%.
9. The RBI predicts inflation will be around 5.5 percent in the fiscal year through March 2014.
10. It cited a surge in consumer prices and a significant inflation risk.
11. The IPO raised 9 billion pounds, or about $14 billion, not adjusted for inflation, in December 1986.
12. Investors are looking for a hedge against inflation and a decline in the dollar.
13. The ECB is having more difficulty than the Fed in meeting its inflation objective.
14. In the half of the years in which inflation was low, small company stocks performed the best.
15. I think if you were to say I want to see inflation actually moving up Evans said. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home