[Example Sentences]:
1. You can tap the heart icon to indicate news articles that you like in the News app in iOS 9 beta 3.
2. To me it makes the new app icon for the game look very silly.
3. The icon appears as part of the new integrated search field in the taskbar.
4. Just log in to Facebook and go to the gear icon in the top right.
5. A general search feature can be launched from an icon on the left end of this status bar.
6. Open it and tap the camera icon on the bottom of the screen.
7. Look at the icon at the start of this paragraph.
8. A small icon of the car popped up on the left of the screen.
9. Users will know they are good to go if the microphone icon in the search bar appears bold.
10. You will notice a small icon on the bottom left of the screen next to the flash icon.
11. Click that icon and you have the option to enable Flash content for that site.
12. Just tap to focus and hold briefly until a sun icon appears next to the focus box.
13. Now tap the gear icon next to it to call up the brush controls.
14. With a single press of the search icon, users can quickly find the information they re looking for.
15. Swipe up on the icon to open the app where you left off in the watch.

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