[Definition]: people with similar age across the world; to produce something

[Example Sentences]:
1. That generation is expected to reach the real world around 2020.
2. In the past, Apple has dropped the price of the previous generation iPhone by $100.
3. The latest version has a seventh generation Intel Core processor, up to the Core i7.
4. The next generation, it may be 32.
5. Recently, NASA just got the green light to develop the next generation rover, called Mars 2020.
6. The 8086 was the next generation following the 8080.
7. We look at how the next generation of enterprise apps could change the game.
8. What if you could put the media business back to where it was a generation ago?
9. They will be the first generation that lives less and that is of great concern.
10. Some wonder whether the next generation can do much to change that.
11. I do so with great confidence in this next generation of leaders.
12. The race to build up this next generation of maps is only getting more crowded.
13. The investment atmosphere in China is still strong for building next generation tech companies.
14. We have a new generation of Chinese who are global.
15. One example of many is what he calls a very real and high cost of technology generation change.

[Antonyms]perpetuity, eternity, immortality

[Synonyms]procreation, production, formation © 2020  Terms of Use | Home