[Example Sentences]:
1. After three weeks of declines, the index posted its first weekly gain of 2.4%.
2. It was the biggest gain for the index since May 8.
3. In many ways, end users have the most to gain from SharePoint 2016.
4. The two times the stock climbed after results, the average gain was 8%.
5. This does not alter our general view that markets will gain in 2015.
6. That would be a gain of nearly 170%.
7. Yahoo posted modest revenue growth last year, the first gain since 2008.
8. Microsoft shares ended the day with a gain of 27 cents to close at $34.62.
9. Mac users will soon gain more flexibility in crafting their emails in Outlook 2016.
10. The weekly gain was the best since July 2013.
11. Economists in a Bloomberg survey forecast a gain to 9.
12. The December jobs gain was little changed at 75,000.
13. A 4.4 percent gain for the year would be the most since 2011.
14. The 14 percent advance was the biggest annual gain since the industry began in Pennsylvania in 1859.
15. The shares climbed to $228.96 at the close in New York, the biggest gain since February 2013.


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