[Example Sentences]:
1. At one point the search function on Twitter was also down for some users.
2. If an IT function can be put into the cloud vs.
3. The only function of the bottom button is to call up your list of friends.
4. This means they function more as marketing tools than as information.
5. The main function I need is where the iPad with keyboard really shines.
6. I was at a point where I was completely unable to function without a lot of care.
7. The third allows the NFC chip to function as a card reader.
8. Only then will you find the replace function you were looking for.
9. The device can also function as an alarm clock and can control smart home devices.
10. If only there was a way to search a function and immediately see the solution in one step.
11. The map function on the Apple Watch is difficult to use for walking directions.
12. The function of an editor is mainly to select what to put in and what to leave out.
13. That could reduce the need for workers whose primary function is to help make an initial diagnosis.
14. It had to function first as a gun, as a blaster.
15. When you move the control plane, you have network function virtualization.

[Antonyms]usurpation, misdemeanor, misconduct

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