[Definition]: not native, coming from outside

[Example Sentences]:
1. All foreign troops are due to have left the country by the end of 2014.
2. He was one of the few foreign policy experts to warn against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
3. Without the impact of foreign currency changes, advertising revenue would have jumped 55%.
4. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization since October 2004.
5. Zarif on Tuesday became the first Iranian foreign minister to visit Australia since 2002.
6. Apple is not the first foreign company to come under pressure from Chinese media.
7. There is not enough foreign investment in the Chinese market for it to be a major problem.
8. Not all foreign investors have been left out of the recent gains.
9. We had to leave the town because we were told foreign journalists could come under threat.
10. There was no word on whether foreign tourists were among those killed or injured.
11. He also says he has never been contacted by Russian or foreign law enforcement.
12. He has made his foreign policy experience central to his campaign.
13. Securities of some foreign companies may be less liquid and prices more volatile.
14. It also wants to put its service on planes operated by foreign carriers.
15. This will be a complex investigation given the potential involvement of foreign participants.


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