[Example Sentences]:
1. Chrome Web browser as a de facto desktop shell for Windows 8.
2. He said it was time to make the current de facto situation a legal one.
3. Windows is no longer the de facto operating system of the world.
4. He has been acting as a de facto spokesman for the project during the controversy.
5. After the Islamic State declared the city as its de facto capital, many residents fled.
6. You get momentum behind a de facto standard and it creates a virtual cycle.
7. The result is a de facto rendering of the whole scene at the resolution of human vision.
8. The demand for Canon cameras is shrinking as smartphones become the de facto camera for consumers.
9. Although Russia has de facto control over Crimea, few nations recognize the move.
10. In other words, they knew they were facing a de facto road game.
11. What has to be a priority now is moving from the current de facto system to a legal system, he said.
12. At some point, cloud ERP becomes the de facto first option.
13. This developer gap is rapidly widening as more enterprises become de facto software companies.
14. People think of Netflix as the de facto standard for video streaming, and rightly so.
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