[Example Sentences]:
1. Smoke rises after an explosion in the northern Gaza Strip July 29,2014.
2. It first started with a big explosion which we think was a suicide attack.
3. The explosion was very big and there is smoke all around the area.
4. In the last year there has been an actual explosion of mobile malware.
5. The report said the explosion had caused casualties but did not give a toll.
6. The latest died on Wednesday in an explosion in his office.
7. Police said they suspected the explosion was caused by a car bomb.
8. State media blamed terrorists for the explosion but did not give details.
9. Local officials feared there could be an explosion and declared a state of emergency.
10. As for how the explosion could have occurred, that was more complicated.
11. Police officers with their guns drawn hear the second explosion down the street.
12. An explosion happened at a court complex early in the day.
13. It said the area where the explosion occurred is heavily guarded.
14. The cause of the fire and explosion was no immediately clear.
15. The dawn explosion has also been reported by other activists networks but the source was unclear.


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