[Example Sentences]:
1. He did not explain why he was among the first people off the boat.
2. We had had conversations to the customer trying to explain what was going on.
3. Now a new study may help explain how and why this happens.
4. I also explain to another reader what it really means to have an unlocked smartphone.
5. He did not explain the conflict of interest behind the decision.
6. The second was that technology is difficult to explain, even to regulators.
7. It did not explain why it was disclosing the attack four months later.
8. Thursday to explain why Mozilla is looking for other sources of revenue.
9. So that might explain why the Internet radio company is looking for a sugar daddy.
10. Officials have been pressed to explain why the city has not yet been retaken.
11. This may partly explain of why Americans say they feel more stressed than they have in years.
12. Obama will have to explain what that model looks like.
13. The statement said Russian authorities did not explain the expulsion.
14. It is such a difficult question to explain to him.
15. The magazine did not explain how it had obtained the documents.

[Antonyms]mystify, bewilder, obscure

[Synonyms]elaborate, clarify, define, interpret
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