[Definition]: expanding outward

[Example Sentences]:
1. The move was the second Chromecast market expansion so far in 2014.
2. Of course, the design paradigm of the new Mac Pro is external expansion via Thunderbolt 2.
3. Those campaigns, if successful, would lead to the largest expansion of tenant laws since the 1970s.
4. In fact, IoT expansion in agriculture is expected to increase food production 44 percent by 2021.
5. Jeep has been a key focus of expansion, with plans to boost sales to 2 million vehicles by 2018.
6. Economists forecast a 2.5 percent expansion for 2014 and 3.1 percent in 2015.
7. With each expansion, it will need to open a local office in the new market.
8. Analysts say the economic expansion is strong enough to support the current pace of hiring.
9. Any growth is forecast to come from international expansion or mobile retailing.
10. This milestone is significant for both our partnership with China and our global expansion plan.
11. It will operate in Japan and there are no plans for overseas expansion at the moment.
12. A faster expansion needs a combination of more people working and more efficient workers.
13. She called Medicaid expansion the most important health issue that our state has faced in a decade.
14. The expansion is expected to roll out during the next few weeks, the pair wrote.
15. At stake is the expansion of the solar market into more residential communities.

[Antonyms]abbreviation, epitome

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