[Example Sentences]:
1. A lot of these people are longtime app developers who have stuck with Apple even since 1997.
2. We are going to another major change even bigger than the first one, 2000-2002.
3. You have not even opened or closed a door on your own since 1998.
4. The company expects its mobile group to break even in 2016.
5. The first question to ask is whether or not such technology will even be relevant in 2015.
6. We may not know how Microsoft plans to resolve that issue, even after January 21.
7. That means there has been less incentive to buy a new PC, even for users who wanted Windows 8.
8. Some people have faced even bigger problems after upgrading to Windows 10.
9. He and four partners broke even just eight months after raising almost a million dollars in 2011.
10. If this is something you have in mind, you could even start doing this before you reach Day 0.
11. Apps still take too long to load, even with the upgraded watchOS 2.0.
12. The system is now tilted even more against large rental buildings than it was 1981.
13. The usage scales up even faster than running on EC2.
14. It remained unclear after his return whether he will even be allowed to cast a ballot on June 28.
15. You can even score a free tank of gas for your car to take the ultimate summer road trip.5.


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