[Definition]: the process of receiving knowledge systematically, such as elementary through college education

[Example Sentences]:
1. Governor Bush, thanks for your continued commitment to our education system, says one from 2005.
2. The online education service had about 500,000 students at the end of 2012.
3. It just means that you get an education that leads to a job.
4. So he decided to give the world of education the benefit of his brilliance.
5. This allows those who came to the US as children to legally receive education and work assistance.
6. I want to see every child going to school and getting an education, she said.
7. We want better education, more security and a better health system.
8. They also wondered whether the money could be better spent on education or health care.
9. Some girls must give up their future or their education, she said.
10. Security education is a key part of these guidelines.
11. The same is true for a growing set of activities ranging from education to commerce.
12. He says all company drivers are required to take continuing education classes.
13. Users simply need to be informed and education that they can go online in their regional languages.
14. It became an opportunity to stress the importance of education to get better jobs.
15. Young adults might be hit with ads that focus on education or the environment.

[Antonyms]ignorance, illiteracy, nescience

[Synonyms]training, teaching, tuition © 2020  Terms of Use | Home