[Definition]: from the east

[Example Sentences]:
1. They were first documented in eastern Montana in 1999.
2. Airborne Division, he helped lead operations in eastern Afghanistan for 15 months beginning in 2007.
3. He added that the fix would still be safer than the current eastern span.
4. There is a new effort to start talks in Ukraine after two eastern regions declared independence.
5. Kenya has long been concerned with the chaos across its eastern border.
6. Kiev says rebels and criminals have taken much of the money it sends to the eastern region.
7. China already is shifting new power generation from eastern cities to western provinces.
8. The militants who remained in eastern Mosul were there to fight to the death.
9. He said Britain would also start sending eastern European ammunition and weaponry.
10. The eastern sector is held by the opposition, with the rest controlled by the government.
11. Some studies show pockets of eastern New Mexico might have less than a decade before wells run dry.
12. The previous night, hundreds of young protesters walked a mile through the eastern part of the city.
13. We are very much worried about this concentration of troops on our eastern border, he said.
14. The eastern outskirts of Mosul are a much different scene, one that offers residents some hope.

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